New Beginnings

mo4ji4 is a Malaysian calligrapher who is passionate about bringing a fresh perspective to the Chinese calligraphy writing art form. He has done wall writings, digitally composed calligraphy, merchandises including scrolls and spring festival couplets, as well as hosted calligraphy workshops.

重新,從心。is his first solo exhibition showcasing calligraphy in an art space. As society regains its strength to face the world after the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist believes that we are all in the state of healing. Drawing upon the idea of healing and recovery, the exhibition reflects a deep, emotional and personal feeling. Through the exhibition, mo4ji4 ventures into the intricate layers of our hearts, exploring common questions with candour and grit in search of meaning beyond the norm. Infusing and integrating the tradition with a contemporary lens, 重新,從心。uses words to engage with people from a wider and bigger perspective.

重新,從心。is an art installation which runs from 8 August till 25 September 2022.