Yuan Qi

This November 2020, visit ZHAN Art | Space to experience “缘起 Yuan Qi”, a curated selection of Ng Foo Cheong’s artworks that depict distinctive eastern aesthetics.

A firm believer that there is no such thing as chance encounters, only predestined meetings, “Yuan Qi” is Cheong’s cornerstone to symbolise the artist’s creative journey over the past two decades. The artworks incorporate popular Chinese cultural markers, including the serene Buddha; butterflies, which are symbols of eternal life; and the lotus flower, which connotes perfection and purity. With this collection, Cheong aims to send a gentle reminder that many of our life events are connected by serendipity forces beyond our imagination.

A graduate of the Kuala Lumpur College of Fine Art, Malaysia, Cheong’s draws inspiration from emotions and his works reflect historical and cultural significance. By layering paint, symbols and textures, Cheong metaphorically and visually articulates the impact of ancient societies on the evolving cultural identity of the contemporary Asian world. A master of contrasts, Cheong engenders a unique dialogue between the art of past and present cultures.

Cheong’s art has been displayed in shows in London, Stockholm, Brussels, New York, West Indies, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. His collections has also been collected by estimated collectors including the late D.Y.M.M. Sri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-pertuan Agung Tuanku Ja’afar ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman.