To Live A Vibrant Life

This 7-10 April, we debut at Art for All by Art Expo Malaysia featuring artworks by Ng Foo Cheong.

Since 2009, Art Expo Malaysia has played an integral role in pushing forward the arts scene in Malaysia, creating a vibrant art ecosystem and infrastructure that uplift the industry as a whole. Its annual fair, one of the longest-running in South-East Asia, consistently draws thousands of visitors from all over the world in better appreciation of the arts.

Cheong’s artworks were specially curated for Art for All as they have a strong emotional and cultural resonance that demands full attention, and showcase Cheong’s longevity as an artist and his continuous mastery on canvas.

The exhibition, titled To Live a Vibrant Life, also features a selection of tenmoku (or Tian Mu 天目), handcrafted Chinese teacups made using the same techniques employed by the Song dynasty pottery makers; as well as a Taishi armchair (太師椅) demonstrating Cheong’s versability to create fine art sculptures.

Spanning a career as an artist for over three decades, Ng Foo Cheong is a master of contrasts, engendering a unique dialogue between the art of the past and present. His works embody a deep historical and cultural significance and articulate the impact of ancient societies on the evolving cultural identity of the contemporary Asian world.