ZHAN Art | Space Third Anniversary Show “Senses: Art that Engages”

ZHAN Art | Space celebrates its third anniversary in March 2022. To mark the occasion, 17 artists were invited to participate in a group exhibition which reflects the theme “Senses: Art That Engages”.

They are: Alex Liong Chen Hui, Anthony Chan Sai Weng, Avand, Ejan Ahmad, Fitriah Roslan, Jack Malik, Jiinyuan Ooi, Kit Woo, Mimi Chung, Peisy Ting, Ranerrim, Sarana Khoo, Sin Kah Leong, tamaka, Tunku Muhammad Tunku Farahat, Veronica Tan and Wan Zeti Fadhlina.

Using various mediums like acrylic, oil, watercolour, markers, cotton, as well as clay, the artists created works that tap on our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

Senses runs from 14 March til 30 April 2022.