ZHAN Art | Space Second Anniversary Show “Duality”

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the nation and left many galleries and artists on a survival mode. Against all odds, ZHAN Art | Space turns two with a group exhibition of twenty (20) local artists in support of the talents and to reignite the creativity of the local art industry.

Curated by founder, Desmond Tong, the exhibition showcases artworks by a mixture of veteran and emerging artists all expressing their interpretation of duality. The theme, which briefly translates to a state of having two different or opposite parts/elements, was chosen to reflect the gallery’s second anniversary and the artworks created are in a diptych form – an artwork made of two parts, usually joined by hinges.

The assortment of curated artworks addresses a spectrum of various issues including social, political and aesthetic. The works were created using various mediums like acrylic on canvas, oil on canvas, watercolour, markers as well as cotton.

Participating artists include Adam Ummar, Afi Sulaiman, Anthony Chan Sai Weng, Cristjen Lai, Denis Chai, Ejan Ahmad, Fariza Basri, Hazrol Salleh, Hoean Yun, Indra Gondi, Isa Ishak, Jason Teo, Kelvin Low, Marisa Ng, Mona KV, Ng Foo Cheong, Peisy Ting, Rekha Menon, Vishal J Singh and Visithra Manikam.

β€œThe concept of duality is a good representation of how we felt during the year of pandemic and how we are overcoming it this year. We felt that a collective exhibition would help kick start fresher and more vibrant thoughts, ideas and conversations in the art world and to allow the audience to engage with the exhibits in multitude levels of experience.” shared by Desmond Tong.

Duality runs from 29 March til 23 May 2021.