Refraction Of The Soul

Refraction of the Soul: An Introspective Voyage is an immersive exploration of self-discovery, capturing the Auji Azmi’s unique perspective on the depths of the soul.

Auji embarked on a journey as an artist to turn canvas into a mirror, reflecting the intricate soul rather than mere physical reality. The soul’s enigmatic nature eludes direct perception, its contours. hidden in enigma. Amid this mystery, Auji strives to artistically depict the soul as an ethereal blend of abstract, boundless entities that transcend the confines of time, space and gravity, residing in a realm separate from our own.

At the core of this exhibition resonates the theme of soul-searching, an earnest quest that unveils the core of our being. The artworks are all in a dynamic context with each other in terms of movement, interaction and transformation, embodying the unification of mind, space and time, all converging into one harmonious unity.