Moments 2.0 – Big Cities, Small Stories’, a.k.a BCSS, is an extension of ‘Moments – Discover Wanderlust’ art exhibition by watercolour artists Brian Tai, Eve Yap, Francis Lee, Lee Wee Xian and Shireen Lee. While ‘Moments – Discover Wanderlust’, previously held in 2022, was aimed to encourage the public to appreciate the beauty of cities by traveling after the end of Malaysia’s Movement Control Order, BCSS is themed to highlight the beautiful moments of ordinary life that existed in big cities.

A total of 38 artworks will be shown, with each artist contributing five watercolours paintings. Subject matter varies from skyscrapers, cultural icons, to the every day man, woman and child on the streets. Through the artworks showcased, the artists hope to inspire the audience will come to treasure and appreciate the people they meet, and the simple things they have whilst living in the hustle bustle of cities.

Moments 2.0 will run from 4-24 September 2023, and the opening scheduled for 9 September 2023.