Kindness is Easy

Generating Opportunities for Learning Disables (GOLD) appoints ZHAN Art | Space as its authorised art dealer to showcase 30 art pieces hand-painted by 15 young adults with special needs. The official launch is held at ZHAN Art | Space, The School, Jaya One.

The theme of the exhibition “Kindness is Easy”, is inspired by the Kindness Cookies made by GOLD’s young adults with special needs. This art exhibition is an extension of the same ideology, that is, to empower young adults with special needs to live on independently and have a productive life.

Medically diagnosed with learning disabilities, these artists’ artwork conveys impactful messages despite their differences and challenges in life. Despite zero knowledge in drawing or painting techniques, with guidance and mentorship from art teachers, they were able to create unique and colourful creations, proving that with regular practice and resilience, one can achieve many things.

“The collaboration with ZHAN Art | Space is a blessing for GOLD. I am deeply honoured and excited that an established art space is providing our young adults with the opportunity to present their art pieces, as the exposure will go far in building their self-confidence,” said Puan Juairiah Johari, Founder of Generating Opportunities for Learning Disables (GOLD). She added, “I believe with this partnership, these young adults with special needs will feel empowered and inspired to continue breaking barriers and soar to even greater heights”.

“We believe that talent has no limits and art, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder. In giving the art pieces a permanent spotlight at our gallery, we believe the partnership will open more doors for GOLD’s young adults with special needs”, said Dr Tong Gin Chee, Co-Founder of ZHAN Art | Space. She added “I hope this exhibition will also contribute towards encouraging every young Malaysian to pursue their dreams, and not be discouraged by obstacles”.

All 30 art pieces will be exhibited from 18 September to 6 October 2019.