‘Illegitimate’, the first group show by Unamed Collective, an artist collective comprising Ainun Ayub, Alya Hatta, Joe Cheng, Jordan Chan, Nurin Yusof, Rebecca Chang and Yasmine Aminanda, has landed at ZHAN Art | Space.

Using various mediums, the artists explore three different expressions of illegitimacy, including the illegitimacy of identity, the illegitimacy of non-human voices, and the illegitimacy of the controlled versus controller.

With varied artistic backgrounds, each artist contributes to the collective their own unique sets of interests and disciplines. As a collective of contemporary creatives, their shared aim is to push the boundaries of what art means for Malaysians. The exhibited artworks themselves are diverse, spanning from traditional painting styles to new mediums such as virtual reality and wearable art. Each work of is meant to generate discussion and awareness to inspire positive societal change by communicating personal conflicts through art.

‘llegitimate’ is showing from 8-28 August 2019. Join us on 8 August, 8pm for the opportunity to meet with the artists!