Contemporary artist Haris Rashid presents fluid, an exhibition commemorating his 10-year journey as a full-time artist. Inspired by water’s impermanent and malleable nature, the exhibition showcases the growth and evolution of Haris’ visual language, notably his signature motifs of local tropical plants and Malaysian wildlife animals.

Curated by Mona KV, the show features 45 artworks created between 2014 and 2023. Visitors can look forward to seeing artworks of various mediums, including acrylic, oil painting, watercolour, colour pencil, and mixed media on wood. There is also a batik installation specially created to mark the decade-long milestone.

“Water symbolises the flow and essence of life. In choosing this theme, I wanted to acknowledge the tenacity of humanity in adapting to changes in life, and the ability to manoeuvre through difficult times,” says Haris Rashid.

fluid officially opens 4 March, 3pm and will feature a ‘live’ performance by the artist himself. The exhibition starts 27 February, and will run til 7 April. Artworks start from RM 300.