Nawwar Shukriah Ali (b. 1985), better known as Bono Stellar, is  having her first solo show titled ‘Eudaimonia’ from 6-20 April at ZHAN Art | Space.

‘Eudaimonia’ is the culmination of Bono’s personal and private setback, charting her growth and healing, finding her voice, happiness and contentment in everyday life. An ancient Greek word meaning ‘flourishing’ or ‘well-being’, Bono posits ‘Eudaimonia’ as a study of bright colours and light-reflective materials, which promises to evoke and provoke thoughtfulness, between colourful acrylic sheets and geometric shapes. The exhibition will include a diverse body of work, comprising drawings, installations, and photography.

Born in Kuala Terrengganu, Bono is an art director and designer-turn-multidisciplinary artist currently based in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is the founder of Stellar Design and Stellar Studio. She also founded MAKE IT HAPPEN! in hopes that it can be a platform to educate her fellow creatives, peers, and masses on the importance of the creative process, and making it happen.