Body Language

Known as Kokoro man (a Japanese word connecting the notion of heart, mind & spirit), Sanker Ganesh presents his first solo exhibition Body Language, a collection of artworks exploring the human figure and its fragility, vulnerability, and resilience in a world that is striving towards equality and feminism. Through bold and vivid brushstrokes, Sanker seeks to capture the raw emotions and experiences navigating the complexities of contemporary society.

The paintings delve into the depths of the human psyche, depicting the struggle to maintain sense of identity in a world that is hostile to their very existence. In particular, Sanker hopes his artworks underline the ways in which societal expectations and cultural norms can impact our perception of self, and how this internal struggle can manifest in the physical body.

In 2018, Sanker was selected as one of the winner in Art Against AIDS professional category, marking his first official exposure in the local art scene. Since then, his art has gained recognition from the art community, and he has exhibited in galleries across the country as well as internationally, such as at the London Art Biennale and Penang State Open. He is guided by Malaysia’s leading award-winning figurative artist and print maker Stephen Menon.

Body Language runs from 13 June to 23 July, and officially opens 24 June, Saturday.