When Passion Meets Art

Armed with a deep passion for the contemporary art, ZHAN Art | Space was founded in December 2018 by Desmond Tong and Dr Ginny Tong, a sibling duo who aspires to redefine and invigorate the local art scene with young, vibrant and fresh works.


ZHAN Art | Space  challenges the art narrative by showcasing artworks by a new generation of artists whose works are contemporary, unique and out of the norm.


As of September 2022, ZHAN Art | Space has hosted 28 art exhibitions and curated artworks by more than 90 artists. Among the art shows it has hosted include Isa Ishak’s first solo exhibition – “Kisah Isa Ishak”, London-based Unamed Collective’s art installation show titled “Illegitimate”, and P!nk, a group art show.


ZHAN Art | Space provides both emerging and well-established artists with an essential space to gain exposure and showcase their talent by providing conscientious promotion to selected artworks. ZHAN also offers rental for one-off events such as television commercial shoots, photoshoots and other private/corporate events. The art space can comfortably accommodate 100 pax, depending on the set-up.


Located at The School, Jaya One, one of Petaling Jaya’s fastest-growing commercial hubs, ZHAN Art | Space welcomes proposals from artists and non-artists alike to take advantage of its 2,000 square feet space to host corporate and community events.

Desmond Tong


ZHAN Art | Space is a manifestation of founder Desmond Tong’s dream to bring contemporary fine art into residential homes and commercial spaces. Prior to this, he has worked in public relations, retail, and served a four-months internship in Malaysian think tank PEMANDU. A self-proclaimed savant of beauty, he draws on his extensive international travel to different cultures in developing his understanding of global aesthetics and definitions of beauty. 


Desmond obtained his Masters of Commerce in International Business and Marketing from the University of Sydney, Australia, in 2015, and a Bachelor of Art and Science, Development Studies and Zoology from the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2010.

Dr Ginny Tong


Fuelled by her passion for creativity in visual communications, Dr Ginny serves as co-founder for ZHAN Art | Space. Concurrent with her belief that education has the power to change the world, she has previously worked in non-profits, education management, corporate communications, tertiary education and public relations. She is passionate about youth and women empowerment and aspires to inspire young women to lead with confidence.


Dr Ginny graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia, with a Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communications) (Honours) in 2005, and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in 2012.